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Welcome to Taiwan to Alice and her family! I’m glad that I had the chance to introduce many beautiful places in Taiwan to them, such as Sun Moon Lake in Nantou and Yilan. I hope that all of you enjoyed your trip and that it is filled with good memories. I look forward to providing good service for you or your friends in the future! Thank you and hope to see you again!

It has been a great joy to see the whole family enjoying themselves tremendously. We kept the itinerary simple and fun, catering to both the old and young.

Grandmother Ow enjoyed the crisp air and slow trek to the beautiful waterfall in Illan. The kids were thrilled with the pottery, paper making DIY and theme park in Taichung. It has been a most rewarding time planning the itinerary with and for the whole family.



希望這次台灣自由行有讓你們感受到不一樣的旅遊方式,期待你們再次來台灣。1428560962823 1428560960579 1428560954530 1428560956663

宜蘭一日遊 One day tour in Yilan with Singapore family

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This  Singapore family needed a One day tour in Yilan with a travel guide.

Here is their comment about their Travel tour experience in Taiwan :

Paul is really an awesome person! He will inform us if he is going to be late due to traffic jam and before we came to Taiwan, he even suggest places for us to visit when we don’t have any specific places we wanted to go. And during our trip in Taiwan, he was always answering questions regarding about Taiwan and brought us to nice eating places (and when I said nice, it is REALLY NICE)!

We are from Singapore of 3 and he has indeed made our Taiwan trip a very memorable one! Thank you Paul once again and till we meet again! 🙂

*Went to 阳明山,宜蘭,野柳地質公園/九份/十份 on March 2015.*

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